Author & Game Designer
In the far reaches of space, something stirs.
Deep in the caverns of Puerto Rico,
something answers.
2018 Indie Groundbreaker Award
"Best Setting"
Arecibo Cover.jpg
About the Author

Nicolas Hornyak is an award-winning game designer and writer. Born in Brooklyn in 1993, he discovered the craft of fiction in middle school and went on to earn his bachelor's degree in creative writing from Purchase College, with concentrations in fiction and poetry, and a minor in screenwriting.

A proud and queer descendant of Puerto Rico, Nicolas Hornyak would go on to write his first books, Aimless Sky and The Phoenix Express, before designing Arecibo, a game supplement that won the Indie Groundbreaker Award for Best Setting. When he isn't writing, Nicolas can be found composing music, studying experience design, or playing video games.

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Books & Appearances

The Phoenix Express

a novella

"The Duel at High Noon"  Hexblood Tales, Vol. 1

Aimless Sky

The Flooded Earth, Book 1


"Turning 21 with the World of Harry Potter"

The Magic of Participation


New York's Best Emerging Poets


Italics Mine

gAME and experience design


2018 Indie Groundbreaker Award

"Best Setting"

Golden Cobra Anthologies

2015 & 2016 Entries


A Metagame

Coming soon

Dystopia Rising: Evolution

Onyx Path Publishing

Paladin Rogue

A Synthwave Grunge Project


"In a genre which isn't yet getting enough love, Aimless Sky is a lovely exploration of the steampunk setting, queer relationships, the growth of friendships, and the entire span of a man's life. Also, while the book is clearly steampunk in nature, it's an excellent commentary on climate change and gives a wonderful view of what our world could become in the next few hundred years if we keep going on this path. Politically relevant without being dry, I enjoyed every page of this wonderful piece!"


on Aimless Sky