Aimless Sky
The Flooded Earth, Book 1

Sky is a pilot, and a bloody good one.

It is the 26th century, and 94% of Earth is now underwater. Despite the threat of climate change and a worldwide catastrophe, humanity has survived, entering a new era of growth. With it, a penal system dependent on slavery has emerged, and pirates roam the oceanic expanse unchecked.

In this new world, Sky Ashworth dreams of taking to the skies alongside zeppelins and biplanes, until a rogue fleet strikes the capital city of Monte Rosa. In one day, the world is stunned as the enemy is driven back, and Sky is left with the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father.

As the years pass, he meets Chelsea Alawi, a royal slave, and with her help, he begins to heal. However, as Sky comes to terms with the tragedy, he learns that his father still lives, and pirates want him dead or alive. With new purpose, Sky must assemble an airship crew and prevent a ruthless pirate lord from coming to power, or else the world faces all-out war.

"The Duel at High Noon"
Hexblood Tales, Volume 1

1781. It is the end of the American Revolution, and a consortium of the Valkyrie Society has been called to order in Yorktown. In attendance is Absalom Paige, a renowned seer whose past catches up with him when an old lover shuts down the meeting. Questioning the motivation of such actions, Absalom is challenged to a legendary duel--one which could prove the legitimacy of New World Magischola or set it back decades.

Read this and other short stories about witchards from the College of Wizardry universe in Hexblood Tales, Volume 1, available now from Reptilian Publishing.

The Phoenix Express

For all of known history, the Phoenix Express has delivered letters across the desert known as Time. Its couriers and phoenixes have turned the tides of future wars, saved the messiahs of faiths long forgotten, and changed the very seasons. But now, there is only one rider, one phoenix, and one final letter to be delivered.

Elmira has served the Phoenix Express all her life and hasn't seen a message in over a decade. For fifteen years, she ran the post office of Penumbra, hoping to spend the rest of her days in peace. But when the Last Letter arrives, she must leave her daughter behind, or else unravel the world.

With a sacred mission passed down the line, Elmira rides for the edge of Time...

Italics Mine, Issue 12.2


I gave a great big yawn once and hooked the scent of


Burning past my nostrils, cold air impacting like a 


February should not smell like anything, but it smells like

          the promise of June

And the dirt beneath the snow, a sprout which wants

          nothing more soon

Than to emerge, brushing against the soil with a wayward


Screaming “I am normal. I am normal.” Because it’s more a


To bring about the imagination and let the taste run to the


Of your throat and up the windpipe to your nose; we’re

          under attack.



I wonder if piercings have ever taken away a bit of a

          person’s sense of smell.

A better thought is probably what it costs to get into hell—

Or purgatory, rather. I’m pretty sure I’ll spend time there

          with the family.

Mother said so. Mom is a witch, but to be fair, only



Italics Mine showcases the new, creative literary voices of Purchase College students--majors and non-majors alike--through print and web. The diversity of the student population is reflected in the pieces they strive to share with the entire college community.

New York's Best Emerging Poets


never forget that you call out

to your grandfather


when you see him after

your flight at the airport.


Later on, you enter his house

and Dad takes a fresh cookie

and Mom finds the mini-fridge

stocked with her favorite drink

and you stare at your brother.

The both of you just stare.

In New York, history comes alive. The cascading waters of Niagara Falls and the verdant Catskill Mountains exemplify nature’s beauty, while the bustling metropolis of New York City pulsates with the hopes and dreams of eight million residents. In the Empire State, poets have the world in their hands.


And in New York's Best Emerging Poets, 180 up-and-coming poets have the chance to share their own worlds. Covering a wide array of topics ranging from love and heartbreak, family and friendship, the inherent beauty of nature, and so much more, these young talents will amaze you. Containing one poem per poet, this anthology is a compelling introduction to the great wordsmiths of tomorrow.

A Metagame

A pen-and-paper ARG played with yourself and your imagination. Deception is a metagame in which players spend time at gatherings such as conventions or conferences carrying Truths with them. These short snippets of text put new and unique spins on their surroundings while joining them to their own personal conspiracies. A person can also enter play at any time by finding one of the envelopes laying around and are free to exit by leaving their Truth in a place where somebody can find it.

Deception is a game on one page of paper. It, along with lots of Truths, are hosted on Tumblr.

Golden Cobra
2015 & 2016 Entries

The Golden Cobra Challenge is a friendly contest open to anybody who wishes to design and play freeform LARPs. It normally runs in the months before Metatopia, a Double Exposure convention held in Morristown, NJ, every November.

Nicolas Hornyak is a two-time entrant and submitted "Celestial Bodies" in 2015 and "Dino Dig Daze!" in 2016. Both are available as part of the Golden Cobra Anthologies.

"Turning 21 with the World of Harry Potter"
College of Wizardry: The Magic of Participation in Harry Potter Larps

From the Society for Nordic Roleplaying comes the documentation from the very first sessions of College of Wizardry, a Nordic larp inspired by the world of the Harry Potter novels.

Included is Nicolas Hornyak's account of his experience at the debut game. Blending nonfiction with the suspended reality of larp, he embodies the story of Aleksander Zamoyski, a sophomore wizard on the run from very personal demons.

Join him as he travels to Poland, escapes Death Eaters, duels Grindelwald, and makes it back to the United States in time to turn 21. The PDF is offered free to further the society's academic mission.

A World of Adventure for Fate Core

Enter the all-too-timely world of Arecibo...

Everyone on the island knew that something was amiss when the power went out. It isn’t that Puerto Ricans never saw their lights and appliances turn back on, but in the municipality of Arecibo, frogs and crickets begin to fall quiet and bring stillness to the night. Slowly but surely, children investigate and start to understand that something far worse than mere animals dwell in their tropical paradise. But when the island is abruptly blockaded by US Armed Forces, it's up to them to determine what has gone wrong when no adult will listen, and perhaps stop the very end of the world.


In the far reaches of space, something stirs in response to the Arecibo message. Deep in the giant caverns of the island, another answers. Stranger Things and the eldritch meets Puerto Rico and Arecibo Observatory in its darkest hours.

This product won the Indie Groundbreaker Award for Best Setting in 2018.

2018 Indie Groundbreak Awards Winner.png
Dystopia Rising: Evolution
Coming Soon!

No one knows how long it's been since the world was blasted with nuclear radiation and became infected with the undead. Major cities were all but destroyed; transit is reduced to animals, wagons, and the occasional iron horse. The survivors of the Fall were the first strain of deviation from the human condition and were able to make it through the rapidly spreading epidemic.

Humanity has just started to rebuild, but large sections of the world are still irradiated or completely overrun by the undead. Small communities come together in a world where the concepts such as "democracy," "freedom," and "government" are newly reborn. Finding a community of decent size in this world is rare; finding one that has any concept of equality or morality is rarer still. 


Oh, and people have the unnerving ability to come back from the dead, regrown from the very virus that destroyed the world.


This is dystopia. The world is broken. It is up to you to pick up the pieces and make a new world from the remains of the old.